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Executive Summary

In 2010, a large global electronics company launched an ambitious project to consolidate its (SAP) ERP implementations into one centralized location at its worldwide headquarters in South Korea. In order to effectively manage the new operations, our customer required an integrated monitoring solution to manage multiple views of its system, reduce errors, and reduce business interruptions.

The complex screen monitoring solution created an issue for the operational personnel, since numerous departments were already deploying a variety of tools for monitoring the consolidated system, such as Adobe Flex and other Web-based tools.

Our customer required a fully-integrated solution compliant with its existing Standard ERP Widget repository. The accumulation of such widgets would need to enable end-users to quickly and easily create dashboards using the standard widgets available in the repository. Thus, the company selected Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite and its unique dashboard integration capabilities to simplify and unify their existing monitoring screens.

Pain Point

The global electronics company wished to empower key operational personnel with the ability to quickly and easily manage the new system and therefore creating such a dashboard monitoring system was an urgent requirement for the entire ERP operations team. Executives initially began to build an in-house solution to monitor their applications, databases, servers, and networks, using the Adobe Flex software development kit. The company quickly came to the conclusion that this would not be a viable option because any modifications or enhancements would require the involvement of a dedicated development team.

Purchase Requirements Included:

  1. Local solution to quickly and easily integrate with existing applications, databases, servers, and networks
  2. Easy to modify, enhance, and develop
  3. Compliant with open ERP standards
  4. High reusability
  5. Enterprise support via a standard widget repository
  6. Rapid deployment time – 3 months or less

Why Vitria?

After considering an Adobe and an in-house, homegrown solution, this electronics company selected an Operational Intelligence solution from Vitria that offered low maintenance, had greater reusability, and deployed quickly.

With Vitria, dashboards were quickly and easily built by operations managers without developer or designer involvement. In addition, the M3O Operational Intelligence Suite displayed warnings in real-time and sent SMS notifications to the appropriate team members.

With Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite, company operators were able to easily personalize their own role-based dashboards. As a result, other departments are now looking to replicate similar successes by expanding the Vitria deployment on a corporate scale.

Client Testimonial

“M3O’s intuitive dashboards show us the current operational status of our ERP systems in one glance,” said Mr. JS Baek, Principal Engineer for large global electronics company. “As a result, almost everyone at [undisclosed company name] is now looking at a real-time M3O dashboard.”