MID Business

MID Business – Bessere Kontrolle der Kochgasverteilung in den ländlichen Gegenden Brasiliens mit Vitria M3O

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Client Profile:

MID Business is a leading business modeling company that focuses on using business intelligence, and innovative strategies, to create new competitive advantages. This includes mapping, modeling, and optimizing processes and business models to transform data into knowledge. The company markets its products and services primarily via intermediaries.

MID Business was formed in 2007 by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the areas of finance, technology, health, counseling, sociology, design, academia, and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to improve the human experience, creating a virtuous cycle for the client and surroundings. MID Business works with clients and partners from various industries and sectors of the economy, aiming to improve business processes and create value-added features.


To efficiently process over 4.50 million orders per month.

Goals & Objectives:

Increase the control of the order processing for all (four) parties involved with a seamless integrative solution.


    • Reduced lead time
    • Improved control over business processes
    • Increased cost savings and hardware reduction with Cloud implementation
    • Streamlined internal efficiencies

Executive Summary:

Vitria’s M3O Suite has the power to successfully integrate numerous technologies to provide one overall seamless solution. So in 2008, when MID Business embarked on a joint venture with a telephone company (Oi), a liquefied petroleum gas distributor (Ultragaz), and a credit card company (Oi Paggo) to integrate all partner technologies to smoothly deliver LP cooking gas to rural customers, Vitria was a natural choice.

MID Business had three key selection criteria:

  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Low cost
  • Ease-of-use

Rural customers, with limited or no Internet access, were lacking in promptly ordering and receiving LP cooking gas canisters. Furthermore, MID Business needed to effectively keep track of important customer information, such as sales and distribution.

Purchasing a gas canister involves:

  • Placing an order via SMS (or text) message
  • Purchasing with a credit card over the phone
  • Successfully receiving the gas canister

Approximately a total of 400 people, including invoice processing agents, management support personnel, and business managers, are required for the entire process in every operation location. For instance, more than 450 people are involved in the complete distribution process in the city of Fortaleza alone. MID Business is utilizing M3O’s capabilities to create model-driven workflow automation, exception handling, and event monitoring for every order entry. This means that MID Business is increasing business responsiveness and agility by empowering analysts to respond to customers’ market demands in real-time.


“The main guiding principle in our selection of a vendor was that we wanted a single, uniform solution that every partner would be able to quickly and easily deploy [via the Cloud],” explained Carlos Roberto Freire Veiga Filho, Manager of Platform Solutions at MID Business. “After a very successful pilot with Vitria Technology in the spring of 2010, we have decided to expand the solution for further empowering our customers and increasing internal collaboration. This was realized in just three months after the pilot, including the integration with all of our partner technologies.”

Impact on IT:

The implementation and configuration of the M3O Suite proceeded much faster than the customer had expected. Building the application took approximately 500 hours, while the users instantly got used to the application interface. “The technical part was definitely easier than we had expected,” said Freire Veiga Filho. “Of course, the main objective was to integrate all three partner technologies into one solution.” MID Business selected MySQL as the relational database management system to run on a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.

The M3O Suite reduced the number of order errors significantly, and ensured that we handled exceptions on timeFinally, a better understanding of our own business process allows us to monitor our purchase orders more closely.
Carlos R. Veiga Freire Filho, Manager of Platform Solutions, MID Business

Impact on Consumers:

“Before the start of this new joint venture, many rural customers were simply unable to promptly order LP cooking gas canisters due to lack of accessibility,” explained Carlos Eduardo Jereissati Ary, Managing Partner at MID Business. “This made it impossible for them to order and pay their gas distributors. Vitria Technology has helped us provide this basic human necessity. Furthermore, the M3O Suite has greatly reduced the amount of intrusion in our partner technologies, since it is Cloud-based. A live pilot program showed us that we could realize even more benefits for such dispersed parties, all of whom maintain their own data centers, by implementing such a solution.”