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Vitria leistet Network Service Assurance bei globalem Telekommunikations Unternehmen

Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Plattform Suite stellt eine günstige Exception Management Lösung dar

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Executive Summary

As a well managed and low-cost integrative solution, Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Platform dramatically increases profitability, improves overall customer experience levels, and advances business growth for CSPs.

A clear commitment to network service assurance is a key factor to the success of all CSPs. A vital part of this sort of network service assurance is the ability to quickly and efficiently reduce the number of incidents in the Operational Support System (OSS) environment for mobile broadband antennae.

The major concern for the CSP was that alarms for exceptions were being generated too late, after the exception had occurred, without any forewarning. The exceptions that the M3O Operational Intelligence Platform was tasked to detect and prevent were problems related to bottlenecks, down antennae, overload on the network, and CPU consumption (e.g., Load / utilization, high number of running instances, web and file system occupation, etc.).

Most global CSPs experience exceptionally high volumes – usually in the tens of millions – of events per month that are generated at the OSS network level. These events come in from the OSS network as alarms and as information from mobile broadband suites.

The client’s primary objective was to reduce the number of incidents (by at least one-third) and act upon them. In order for this to happen, events coming in from the mobile broadband suite were correlated with events coming in from various information systems supporting the client’s broadband infrastructure.

Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Platform can be easily integrated with internal information systems, looping the same information back from the OSS network equipment. These internal information systems then return new patterns to be used in the pattern recognition queries. The queries are redefined automatically using newly found problematic event patterns detected by the internal information systems.


  1. Reduce and prevent the number of incidents (by at least one-third) produced in the set of equipment – switches, servers, provisioning applications, etc. – tasked with providing telephone coverage to a specific OSS
  2. Automate specified actions upon pattern recognition
  3. Provide a user-friendly interface to interact with integrated system solutions

Purchase Requirements

Monitor real-time events produced in the OSS, giving critical information regarding the performance and behavior of the OSS network equipment:

  1. Provide overall visibility and produce basic alerts when specific events occur
  2. Detect complex patterns from input events based on internal information systems
  3. Enable further manual and automatic corrective actions for specific alerts
  4. Install dashboards defined by end business users

Why Vitria?

The M3O Operational Intelligence Platform is able to discover meaningful events such that incidents and alarms are detected before they occur, enabling business users to take appropriate actions to avoid incidents altogether. Vitria was able to deploy the M3O Operational Intelligence Platform within weeks and obtain results within months.

Client Endorsement

“We’re extremely pleased with the speed with which the first phase of production was deployed [in four weeks]. We’ve achieved more in the first few weeks after production of M3O than in one entire year with our previous solution. As a result, we’ve already opted for more added features, wherein M3O will cover more sophisticated functionality.”