Vitria demonstriert seine bahnbrechende Operational Intelligence Suite auf kürzlichem BPM Kongress
Sunnyvale, CA – April 24, 2012: Vitria Technology, Inc., the Operational Intelligence Company, announced today it is sponsoring the Gartner Business Process Management Summit being held in Baltimore, Maryland from April 25-27, 2012. The Gartner Business Process Management Summit is the largest, most comprehensive BPM conference in the world, bringing together industry leaders, in order to drive long-term business success. The Summit provides Vitria with the ideal forum to demonstrate its breakthrough Operational Intelligence Platform that includes an unmatched Intelligent Business Process Management Suite or iBPMS.

With Operational Intelligence, companies can track their “hidden” processes that are not explicitly managed by a single application, and thus are not visible to classic BPM solutions. These hidden processes often constitute up to 80% of all significant business processes within an organization.

“By gaining visibility into key processes across disparate systems and information streams, organizations can take action before business is adversely impacted,” said Vitria CTO and Co-Founder, Dr. Dale Skeen. “With an iBPMS, as part of an overarching Operational Intelligence suite, companies can measure, govern and detect process exceptions more quickly and easily.”

In today’s business environment, timing is key and there has never been a better reason to have an iBPMS – business action is required now. Process-related skills, especially those tackling organizational challenges, are becoming imperatives for businesses, as they move from discrete BPM projects to enterprise-wide process transformation programs. With the margin of error getting smaller and smaller, and the stakes getting higher and higher, every BPM practitioner from beginner to expert needs to concentrate their efforts to get BPM right.

The Gartner BPM Summit will provide insights from expert analysts on key issues, including next-generation iBPM Suites, intelligent business operations and managing agile processes.

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Vitria Technology, Inc. provides the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence platform, empowering partners and customers alike to develop innovative Operational Intelligence solutions to analyze business activities in the proper context and take real-time action. The result is faster, better decision-making. With a rich heritage as a BPM technology pioneer, Vitria’s award-winning process integration solutions provide the backbone for many Global 2000 companies’ mission-critical business processes. Vitria has customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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