Case Study from Leading Research Firm: “Learn Some Lessons from TXU Energy’s Operational Intelligence Implementation”

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Gartner, Inc. VP Distinguished Analyst W. Roy Schulte published his latest case study on real-time Operational Intelligence (OI) systems. This research explains how real-time OI is used to improve the customer experience for complex end-to-end business processes in a virtual enterprise. Schulte explains how IT leaders, business leaders, and business analysts must understand best practices to minimize their risk and achieve rapid results.

Key Findings from the Research

“End-to-end Operational Intelligence reveals problems that cannot be detected by silo management reports and monitoring systems that track only individual applications. Operational Intelligence does not require a workflow or process orchestration tool to actively drive the end-to-end process. The event data required for end-to-end monitoring can be captured from database management systems or other aspects of the business application. Significant business events typically occur when a transaction crosses from one application to another, from one company to another, or when a person finishes work on a task. In most cases, business leaders do not need or want to see minute details on the minor events that happen within application systems.”

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